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Carolyn Karle


Carolyn Karle is the Founder and President of the Team DEK Foundation. Carolyn is also a devoted Mom, Partner, and semi-retired Hair Stylist (40 plus years ) born and raised in Thunder Bay.

On September 19, 2021, Carolyn, Randy and their family suffered a loss that no parents or siblings should ever endure. Their beautiful, funny, charismatic, vibrant and talented daughter/sister, Dayna Elizabeth Karle, died of an unintentional drug overdose after a lengthy period of sobriety. Conceptualized by Carolyn, out of her love for Dayna, Team DEK is Dayna's legacy; "a way to make a positive impact on the drug crisis faced in Thunder Bay."

Carolyn experienced, first hand, and recognizes the many and ongoing challenges victims, including addicted individuals and their families, face in overcoming addiction-related illnesses. Limited services, long wait times, gaps within these services, and a range of stigmas leave addicted individuals vulnerable to recurrences, leave families feeling isolated , futile and ultimately contribute to senseless deaths and ongoing trauma.

Carolyn hopes, through Team DEK, in Dayna's honour, to bring awareness and increased services to better support addicted individuals and their families. Showing that people DO care about those who struggle is a first step towards making a difference!

Janice Thompson

Vice President

I'm retired and value the time I now have to be involved with Team DEK helping our community.

With our dedicated board members and so many supporters, the Dayna Elizabeth Karle (DEK) Addiction Recovery Foundation will make a difference!

I also enjoy reading, gardening, Toronto Blue Jays and am a dedicated member of Caring Hearts Cat Rescue.


CiNdy Orr


Cindy Orr is a lifelong resident of Thunder Bay and takes pride in all our community has to offer.

Cindy has worked in community development most of her career and has joined a wonderful organization as part of the support team at Anishnawbe Mushkiki.

She is passionate about volunteering and has been involved with many organizing committees to bring large scale events and multi-sport games to Thunder Bay.

Her experience on various committees and boards will help build and support the DEK foundation and she is honoured to be part of such important work.

Crystal Pickering

Community Connector

Crystal Pickering is Team DEK’s first Community Connector. Crystal is from Sault St. Marie. She arrived in Thunder Bay in late 2016 to start her journey into recovery. Making the decision to leave her hometown and start over again in Thunder Bay was a turning point for Crystal She now works as a Peer Support Worker at People Advocating for Change and Empowerment (PACE). She enjoys her work and shares her experience with clients, tells them she’s been there and they are not alone. She meets people where they are at in their recovery and celebrates their successes, large and small.

Crystal lived at The Lodge on Dawson where she met Dayna Karle and Dayna’s mother, Carolyn. When talking about Dayna, Crystal shares “When she first met me, Dayna was scared of me, but she always tried to talk to me and include me. I tried to push her away, but we became friends because she never made me feel like I was bothering her. Dayna and her mom were a big deal for me, to go from a life where people always make me feel like I was bothering them to being around people who always cared for me and make me feel loved was a big deal.”


Her lived experience and persistence are assets to the work and vision of Team DEK. She is a champion in the recovery community and is looking forward to joining the DEK team.


Linda Hutton


Linda has been retired from RBC for 8 years..She joined the DEK Foundation Board with a strong desire to “End the Stigma”.

She wants to give back to the community & provide assistance in any way to help the on going addiction crisis in Thunder Bay.

Karen Hutton


Karen has worked as a Personal Support Worker both in long term care and assisted living for over 20 years. 

She has fostered and rescued dogs and cats. Has travelled to beautiful places to stay in touch with family. With retirement pending paid caregiving changes to volunteering.

The DEK Foundation will work to help those struggling with addiction in honour of our beloved Dayna. 


Kyle Arnold


Kyle was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia.  He moved to Thunder Bay in 2018 to begin his recovery journey after 17 years of drug use. Kyle is a well-known and trusted individual among the vulnerable population of Thunder Bay, largely due to his lived experience with addiction and the criminal justice system.

He is passionate about helping others in with addictions to find a better life and supporting individuals to exit gangs and human trafficking.  

Kyle takes his recovery seriously, this is part of a 12-step program.  He brings practical expertise to the board as someone who has gone through the system and has first hand experience of the barriers. Kyle is a fierce advocate and continually works to tackle the stigma of addiction and brings the voices of the individuals, families and the children of people living with addiction to the forefront and ensures that they are heard.

He is proud to be supporting the work of Team DEK.


Katie Bortolin


Katie Bortolin’s 14 years in the social work field brings knowledge of shelter and transitional housing systems, domestic violence, crisis support, trauma, addictions, and mental health. Her Arts degree comes from Lakehead University and her Social Service Worker diploma comes from George Brown College. She is registered with the OCSWSSW.


Michelle Kolobutin


Michelle Kolobutin is a mother, advocate and community connector born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Michelle has been working in the field of Mental Health and Addictions for 15 years. She completed her Masters of Science from the University of Waterloo and went on to work in the field of HIV Case Management and Street Outreach in Hamilton, Ontario, coordinating the Van Needle Exchange Program. She worked with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre to locate and educate the under and never screen population to screen for high risk cancers, working with urban, rural and remote communities in the Northwest to increase access to cancer screening.

For the past 5 years she has worked in Thunder Bay in the field of Equitable Food Access, Harm Reduction and Managed Alcohol with a special interest in supporting women involved in survival sex. She is passionate about health equity, increasing access to quality food and bringing in community members and people with lived experience to guide and participate in the work she does. She is looking forward to working with the Team DEK Board.

Michael Dunn


Michael was born and raised in Thunder Bay. He is a father to two beautiful children. One of which who lost his mother due to addiction at five months old. Michael has had his own struggles with addiction as well, dating back to the age of thirteen years old. With support from his family, multiple services and a fellowship of like-minded people who had found a solution, he finally found the strength and willingness to seek recovery in 2017.

Ever since entering recovery and with the loss of his son’s mother, Michael had always dreamt of being involved in something like this. He is very passionate about this opportunity and is honoured to offer his time and energy to this foundation. Michael believes that it is his purpose, and has dedicated his life to helping people who struggle with addiction, both professionally and personally.

Professionally, Michael works for a local agency as the Case Manager of a residential recovery home facility. He has first-hand experience of the gaps and barriers that women who seek recovery have to endure. He believes that if the proper supports and services were in place, a lot more women would find success.

Michael believes that every person who struggles with addiction is worthy and deserving of recovery. With the right kind of love and support all those who may suffer from this disease can be successful.

Trevor-Atkinson copy.jpg

Trevor Atkinson


Trevor was born in Oshawa, and grew up in Nipigon and Thunder Bay, he is a member of Lake Helen First Nation. He is a father of two beautiful children. Trevor has recently achieved his Social Service Worker diploma and has been working in the helping field for 3 years. He has battled with his own substance abuse issues in the past and struggled through the grips of addiction for over 15 years. He knows the challenges that individuals face when seeking out recovery from addiction and understands the hardships that follow in early recovery.

Trevor found his own higher power and "The Way Out" of substance abuse issues in 2019 and has since rebuilt his life. Always maintaining that his recovery comes first, even before his own family. He is a proud member of the Thunder Bay community and works hard at helping individuals who are struggling with mental health and addictions issues.

Trevor is very proud of his work in a local recovery home and strives to provide a therapeutic relationship with his clients to allow them a safe and meaningful experience. The reintegration process is very important to him and he provides services to ready his clients for many different opportunities such as, school, employment, training, family, community, and on-going supportive services.

Trevor believes that society can change the outlook on addiction from morality to reality. Ending the stigma around, and marginalization of people who struggle with substance abuse disorders.

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